One Year, 52 Weeks, 52 Episodes

Episode 52: Finale

This One Time at Training Camp


Episode 51: Neil Shirley

Road To Gravel


Episode 50: Andrea Smith

Pioneer Female Mechanic

Episode 49: Daniel Holloway

Hollywood Doing It His Way.

Episode 48: Amanda Nauman

The CX and Gravel Panda.

Episode 47: Derek Bouchard Hall

President USA Cycling

Episode 46: Clifton Duhon

Break Through Nutrition

Episode 45: Missy Erickson

From Victim to Victory.

Episode 44: Coryn Rivera

OC Sprinter to Sunweb


Episode 43: Ivan Dominguez 

The Cuban Missile

Episode 42: Kristin Keim

Sports Psychologist to cyclists.

Episode 41: Amber Neben

World TT Champ.

Episode 40: Allen Lim

Living In Between.

Episode 39:  Jeremy Powers

The Prince of U.S. Cyclocross. 

Episode 38: Ellen Noble

I Need more Cowbell!

Episode 37: Jesse Anthony

Time to Rally.

Episode 36: Amber Pierce

Portal for Advancing Athletes.

Episode 35: Mark Johnson

Spitting in The Soup.

Episode 34: Justin Oien

Off to The Big Leagues.


Episode 33: Tyler Pearce

The Vegan Cyclist.


Episode 32: Ken Hanson

The Exit Interview.


Episode 31: Richard Wittenberg

Behind the curtain of Ridley.


Episode 30: Christina Birch

Pedaling Problem Solver.



Episode 29: Phil Gaimon

Swan Song and Cookies.



Episode 28: Bryan W., Mike M. 

Making an Impact.


Episode 27: Denise Mueller

Fastest Woman in the World.


Episode 26: David Santos

No Brakes, No Coasting!


Episode 25: Robert Efthimos

Boss of LA's Biggest Team


Episode 24: Phil Tintsman

Putting the Hurt on Everyone.13416742_10154266931646764_5861119540986425532_o

Episode 23: Paul Dunlap

The Velofix Is In!12465920_10205008979815940_929097026137252859_o


Episode 22: Charon Smith

You Know What Time It Is.


Episode 21: Brian & Joy M.

Big Dreams on Big Wheels.


Episode 20: Priscilla Savord

Building bridges through cycling


Episode 19: Seth Davidson

Cycling Can be So Dope.


Episode 18: Gretchen Stumhofer

Neo Pro Making it Look Easy.

16ColavitaCamp1692 (1)

Episode 17: Victor Sheldon

The Race Promotor That Could

12957451_10207865779737445_4895103821688093524_o (1)

Episode 16: Robin Carpenter

SoCal's Newest Adopted Pro.

Cycling : 4th USA Pro Challenge 2014/ Stage 2 Arrival/ Robin CARPENTER (USA) Celebration Joie Vreugde/ Crested Butte - Crested Butte (169.0Km)/ Tour of Colorado 2014/ Etape Rit (c)Tim De Waele

Episode 15: John Abate

The Renaissance Man of SoCal.

13245394_10154211726593659_8220973579463083_n (1)

Episode 14: Live From CBGP

Covering all the days action!


Episode 13: Amanda Knutson

Spectator to RAAM organizer


Episode 12: Jess Cerra

Road to recovery and victory.


Episode 11: Adam Mills

Put me in coach!


Episode 10: Michael Marckx

So you think you know him?


Episode 9: Janel Holcomb

Teacher to cyclist, the "unicorn" can do it all.


Episode 8: Ryan Cady

Cycling industry stalwart shares his philosophy and style . 


Episode 7: Katie Araujo

Navigating her way through the sport on her own terms.



Episode 6: Fred Muir

The Guru of the Swamis cycling Guru's.

FullSizeRender copy


Episode 5: Tim Jackson

We geek out for the self described bike nerd.


*Bonus: Jon HornbeckA rise from SoCal races to Tour of California.FullSizeRender

Episode 4: Logan Bass

You know were all about that Bass.


Episode 3: Gordon Yeager

The problem solver for all things two wheeled. 


Episode 2: Adam Schepps

So much winning he's almost sick of winning...almost.

13051728_500094406845705_1027207051276971168_n (1)



Episode 1: Greg Romero

From BMX legend to Road Racer in a blink.



Episode: Introduction

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