Sea Otter's Top Five Fifty and Under Products

We explore some of the more niche and interesting products at Sea Otter at or under fifty dollars each.

Sea Otter is the behemoth of the cycling industry. They offer not only the latest but also some of the most expensive pieces of tech your credit card can handle. When you are a small brand in a sea of brands at Sea Otter, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of carbon and electronic components. We searched high and low amongst the wind and the sun at this years Sea Otter classic and found some great products under fifty dollars for any cyclist. Check out our top picks below.


  1. The Hornit Clug is a smart minimalist bike storage design solution. The folks from the United Kingdom created a very chic and modern urban loft booth at Sea Otter and showcased their bike storage range going from skinny road bikes to Mountain bikes. The product is named Clug as a playful combo between a clip and a hug for your bike. Bikes are stored vertically while the front wheel is pressed in and locked in place. When you are ready to ride, pull it out and the material gives enough without ruining the tire or the wall. It’s a great solution for people that don’t have a ton of garage space for their bikes or people who live in big cities where they store their bikes inside their apartment or flat. Price $20.00



2. Tubeless technology is allowing people to explore further and ride in places while free from automobiles can pose a challenge when even the best tubeless setup goes flat. Gup from San Diego California have a solution to bridge that gap from despair back to shredding those trails. It is a quick sealant quick inflation solution all rolled into one small package you can carry on your frame or seatpost. The good news is you don’t need any tools and you don’t need to take your wheel off your bike. You can buy them in singles or multiple packs. Price $14.99


IMG_7560 2

3. Another SoCal standout with a loyal mountain bike following is TASCO. They are known for their dirt inspired gear such as gloves, socks, ride shirts as well as off the bike gear. They just released a new glove called the Recon Ultralite. It’s a minimalist full fingered design with no velcro. SImply slip on and go. It comes in three colors but we like the Stealth version. As gloves go, it does not have much padding or frills but it does feature silicone grips on the palm for traction. Also it has conductive threads on the finger and thumb in order to use your device. It has a microfiber thumb patch for wiping away sweat and open hole mesh between your fingers. TASCO founder Nate Miller said they were so popular at Sea Otter that they ran out of certain sizes and had to hide remaining inventory for those visitors trying them on and forgetting to take them off or pay. Price $38



4. For those needing higher pressure such as out on the road, but can’t get them from mini pumps, Lezyne has a solution. The company the specializes in lights, pumps of every kind, multi tools and bells are further perfecting way for air to get into your tire. Enter the Lezyne Road Drive. It’s a high pressure specific pump that attaches to your frame or even pocket that can go as high as 160 PSI or 11 Bar. It also come with a clever valve core tool that comes from the air hose. It’s an all in one package that comes in a nice reflective chrome. You can get them in three different sizes from small, medium and large. It comes with a mount for your frame and that hose can be threaded or pressed in. It has saved many valve cores using this hose and allows users to not worry about stripping it off. While this may not replace your home floor pump, it gives you great confidence to pump up your tire to the max and beyond while you are out there on the road. Price $49.99



5. Perhaps the smallest piece of kit we have on this list could prove the most handy. The Fix Manufacturing Wheelie Wrench Pro has more than twenty tools and can fit in the palm of your hand. If Macgyver were a cyclist, he would have this tool. It puts other multi tools to shame with all of their features such as 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm hex wrench, tire lever, Phillips screwdriver doubles as slotted screwdriver, 8mm and 10mm open ended wrench, Includes 11-speed quick links (SRAM or Shimano compatible) and Chain breaker for 10-speed and greater to name a few. It folds out and then back up and can fit in any jersey pocket or saddle bag with room to spare. As of latest check they were sold out so keep a close eye and get it while you can. Price $50.00



Sea Otter has more products and gear than one person can see in four days. Even though our list is a five product highlight, an honorable mention is due for a sixth product. Socks are the hot item that cyclists of all backgrounds can get excited about. They are blank canvases that can be turned into wearable works of art. Sock brand Mint, has designs so artistic that their founder Suzette had the art that inspired the socks hanging from her booth. They range in cuff length up to 7 inches and have unique patterns and designs. The bonus is when you unwrap them from the packaging, there is a literal mint to keep you breath fresh. The materials are Italian and they offer a semi compressed fit. Price $20.00



These are the products that are somewhat friendly to your budget yet have quite a bit of utility and style. While Sea Otter will always be known for the flashiest of bikes and gear (which we will get into later) these products will be sure to please your wallet and your ride. Stay tuned for more coverage from Sea Otter including podcast episodes and more gear and bike content.



Brian Co is the founder of Velo Worthy and runs the Velo Worthy Podcast. He is a professional life plate spinner and tries to help the cycling community one cyclist at a time.