Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists

Let’s face it. We procrastinate on just about everything including buying that hard to find gift. Cyclists are an especially finicky bunch as some gifts, wants and needs are just too obscure. We have compiled some of our favorite stocking stuffers to ease that burden. They satisfy even though most discriminating cyclist and yes, they all fit nicely into a stocking. Here is our guide for yourself or the cyclist in your life just in time for Christmas!


Feedback Sports Chain Keeper

Many of us are becoming our own home mechanics. This efficient piece of equipment from feedback sports keeps that chain taught and sits comfortably in the dropouts. Simply tighten with the large red piece and you can clean that chain with ease and keep it off that delicate frame. For the disc brake crowd, you can also use an adapter. Save your frame and look like a pro mechanic in the process. 

Price: $39.99



 Cycliq Fly 6

We all need an impartial set of eyes on the road or in this case a camera. Dash cams are everywhere and this one is at the top of the heap. The Cycliq Fly 6 fits onto just about any seatpost, has about a 6 hour battery life and different settings for types of lighting all while recording in beautiful HD video. You never know what you are going to encounter out there so it’s best to have a record of it. While it’s the priciest stocking stuffer of the bunch it just may be the most valuable.

Price: $179


Handske Gloves

The makers of the smooth and badass bottom brackets and bearings Kogel have ventured into the glove game. Their approach is a simple, minimalist, non velcro, full fingered glove with an eye catching design. Launched in 2018, they have a number of innovative designs and the selection is growing. Now available for colder conditions, our favorite model is the Fade.

Price: $35



Speedsleev Ranger

If there is one thing that is a pet peeve of ours, it’s a bulky and loose fitting saddle bag. The people at speedsleev have created the opposite in an efficient and sexy design that comes in multiple colors. You can fit all of the essentials and they make larger versions of the ranger for the gravel/mtb crowd. Once everything is in place, cinch it up with their signature velcro strap and you are good to go. For those of you sporting a carbon frame go with the carbon speedsleev colorway. It comes in five other colors as well.

Price: $35


Velotoze Socks

Socks as gifts are as old as fruitcake. However our pick created by Velotoze are something special. The same, aero and waterproof shoe covers brand are getting into the sock game. The two make a great combo but the socks are a unique combination of graduated compression and yet the right amount of cycling length and feel. The design is striking yet simple and goes with just about any kit. It is the least expensive on the list which makes it an easy purchase so make. So stuff these socks into your other Christmas sock!

Price: $20




SCC Specialized Purist Water Bottles

Who doesn’t love a fresh water bottle? Whether you ride in SoCal or beyond, these come in blue, grey and clear colorways and are 100% leak free. BPA free and and stylish, take 22 ounce these bottles anywhere and show off your love for your favorite podcast.

Price: $15 Each