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Long Term Review: Spinergy Stealth FCC 4.7

Spinergy has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence. If you are a Millenial or Gen Z cyclist, you may not be aware of Spinergy’s history in cycling. Today Spinergy may not have the same level of notoriety or World Tour level sponsorship but what does that mean for the wheels that they currently...⊕Read More

Sea Otter Classic Top Five Fifty and Under Products

April 17, 2019 Sea Otter is the behemoth of the cycling industry. They offer not only the latest but also some of the most expensive pieces of tech your credit card can handle. When you are a small brand in a sea of brands at Sea Otter, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of carbon and electronic components. We searched high and low amongst the wind and the sun...⊕Read More

The Best of CABDA

January 21, 2018- Trade shows are an interesting phenomenon. It's one of the few places brands really put themselves out there and showcase their best. They take long trips, stay in cheap hotels, set up inside a venue and put on a friendly face to get retailers to carry their products that they've often times devoted their entire livelihoods to...⊕Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

December 18, 2018- Let’s face it. We procrastinate on just about everything including buying that hard to find gift. Cyclists are an especially finicky bunch as some gifts, wants and needs are just too obscure. We have compiled some of our favorite stocking stuffers to ease that burden...⊕Read More

Spinergy Z Lite Disc Wheels

October 30th 2018- Spinergy will now and most likely be remembered for their wheels made famous by 90's era riders like Mario Cipollini. Spinergy was ahead of the technology curve when they had the Rev X wheel and it's distinct bladed spokes. Fast forward to today and Spinergy is working to...⊕Read More

IRC Boken Tire 

August 21st 2018- IRC has taken a big step in the gravel tire market by offering up the Boken. A tire that is geared for fast gravel riding in a wide range of conditions. The gravel tire market is relatively new and it seems as if IRC wants to lead the way with some of their offerings...⊕Read more

Red Shift ShockStop Suspension Stem

July 16th 2018- Red Shift is a company based out of San Fransisco California. They are known for making two main products. The ShockStop seatpost and the ShockStop stem. In an innovative and modern setup, can this small start up make big waves in the industry? We tested the Red Shift stem on a...⊕Read more

Seven Evergreen Pro

April 17th 2018- What happens when you take all the best parts of east coast passion, design and engineering and put that to the test on west coast terrain? You get a blend of bliss the likes you have never seen on a gravel bike. Seven is a legendary brand in cycling...⊕Read More

Race Day Bag

February 27th 2018 / by Jessica Rocheleau / - Pedal Industries does it all in the cycling world but most importantly, they do it with care. From races and events, to definitive cycling gear of looks and performance, they strive to enhance cycling through their unique design...⊕Read More

Factor O2

January 13th 2018- "Take The Risk or Lose the Chance" is the mantra that Rider Romain Bardet has on his Factor O2 top tube. I'm sure that is a motivator when he has to chase Froome up mountains. The top tube on mine says nothing but the bike is inspiring nonetheless....⊕Read More




Kogel Bearings

June 20th 2017- Bottom brackets, bearings and pulleys are arguably one of the most essential part of the bicycle that is the most overlooked. Run by the bearing master Ard Kessels...⊕Read More




Rouleur Brewing Company

April 4th 2017- Cycling and beer go together. No one does that better than Rouleur Brewery. In Southern California, craft beer and breweries go hand in hand...⊕Read More




Thread + Spoke

March 28th 2017- When it comes to cycling fashion off of the bike, people need a lot of help. It's hard to make cycling cool when most riders off the bike spend their time wearing polos tucked ...⊕Read More




Cycliq Fly6

February 21st-2017-It is always nice to have a second pair of eyes on the road. Watching your every move and able to recount the days ride. Since we don't have the luxury of a team car following us...⊕Read More





February 13th, 2017- Although a cycling event isn't really gear, it is something that many people can get a lot out of. Our friends in Orange County have tried to fill the void of a lack of races in SoCal...⊕Read More




Assos Cycling Clothing

January 31, 2017- What do most people think of when they think of Assos clothing? If it's super expensive euro clothing you may be surprised how this iconic brand is changing the game...⊕ Read More




Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix

January 22, 2017- I have been using Skratch products since it was called Secret Drink mix and am fortunate enough to see the products and company evolve and grow....  ⊕ Read More


Ridley Fenix SL Ultegra Di2

January 10, 2017- The folks at Ridley have come up with a clever entry into the pave' endurance market. Is this bicycle a race bike in disguise? Upon first glance this bike has all the makings of a classic race bike...  ⊕ Read More



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