Amity Rockwell

October 8, 2019 Brian

Here is Arne Hulstein’s video
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Check out Peter Sagan’s Fondo Gran Rodie-Oh Nov 8-10

Check out the Circle of Doom October 20th.

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In our new series we feature three special episodes that all took place in Steamboat Springs Colorado during the inaugural SBT GRVL event. During the event, we partnered with Chamois Butt’r and chatted with three of the participants. We boarded the Chamois Butt’r Jeep and drove the scenic terrain of Steamboat Springs while getting to know the riders.

In our last episode we chat with Amity Rockwell. While new to the gravel scene, she has made her presence known winning Dirty Kanza 200. She resides in Truckee California, but originally is from San Francisco. Originally a road cyclist, she has found success in gravel cycling and is now pursuing a full time career in the sport. She loves long hard races and rides of attrition and is game to be at just about every gravel event. Amity is a former ultra runner turned barista and now cyclist for brands such as Allied Cycle works and Easton Sports.

Amity embodies the healthy lifestyle and can be found frequenting farmers markets, cooking healthy meals from scratch and grew up as a vegetarian.

Also on the show we recap Grinduro as an epic and monumental event. The conditions featured every type of weather in one day. The event continues to grow and evolve and participants love the timed segment format.

We also read a letter from Arne Hulstein who is an expert on the Dutch reach. Hailing from the Netherlands he breaks down the technique for American’s and other countries to hopefully adopt.

As the offseason approaches, there are a lot of events to do. We talk about the Sagan Grand Roadie Oh and the Circle of doom both taking place in Southern California.