Yuri Hauswald

September 10, 2019 Brian


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In our new series we feature three special episodes that all took place in Steamboat Springs Colorado during the inaugural SBT GRVL event. During the event, we partnered with Chamois Butt’r and chatted with three of the participants. We boarded the Chamois Butt’r Jeep and drove the scenic terrain of Steamboat Springs while getting to know the riders.

In our first episode we talk with Gravel Cycling veteran Yuri Hauswald. He talks about gravel cyclings evolution in it’s short time span and some of the things he sees the sport is doing that you can’t find in other disciplines. Yuri talks about having a full time job for GU in Berkeley California while traveling all over the world and spending many days in his van going to gravel events.

Yuri was raised on a farm in Petaluma and attributes his success to his parents hard work ethic as well as his sense of adventure. He has positioned himself to still be competitive with people much younger than him and also giving back to the sport of cycling. Yuri talks about the community of gravel cycling as well as how rewarding it can be. Stay tuned in the future as Yuri’s name could very well be a verb in cycling!