Dain Zaffke

August 28, 2019 Brian


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In this weeks episode we cover the need to take oneself out of your comfort zone on the bike. I am doing my first gravel race. Something that is going to push me to my limit and in ways that I haven’t been tested before. It’s important to be mindful of doing things to make yourself uncomfortable in order to improve. I’m trying intermittent fasting, fasted training and being more disciplined.

In “Ask A Lawyer” with Josh Bonnici we talk about some of the more common types of cases involving bicycles. We talk about the “right hook” and other types of collisions people have gotten into. Also we talk about the rise of E bikes and their place in the cycling world.

During Sea Otter, we sit down with Dain Zaffke. He is an industry veteran and the Senior marketing director for Giro. He also has graced the cover of Velonews magazine and is the brains behind Grinder. A unique gravel cycling event that has event locations around the world. The event in California sold out in less than thirty minutes. Dain talks about the future of Gravel, the cycling industry as a whole and NICA. Take a listen to an insiders perspective as well has passion.