Dirty Kanza Part II

June 18, 2019 Brian

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In our second and final episode covering Dirty Kanza we cover all of the action from start to finish. It is fitting that we start out talking to Colin Strickland on the eve of the ride about his strategy and plans on using aero bars. The next morning we head to the start of the race and talk to some of the riders just before the sun comes up. Some of the riders such as Ted King talk about his nervousness as he preps for a long day ahead. Throughout the race we give live updates and leapfrog the riders as we try to head back to the finish to see the riders coming in.

When we get to the finish, the riders are exhausted, wiping themselves off, drinking a cold beverage all while trying to answer questions from the press. We speak to many of the top ten finishers of Dirty Kanza including Peter Stetina, Kiel Reijnen, Joshua Berry, Alex Howes, Lachlan Morton and Taylor Phinney. For the women’s podium we speak with Alison Tetrick, Sarah Max and winner Amity Rockwell. Finally we capture the closing thoughts of everyone in the IRC crew who spent the day chasing, shooting photos and even fixing a flat tire in our car!

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