Dirty Kanza Part I

June 6, 2019 Brian


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There are cycling events and then there is Dirty Kanza. Started a decade ago it has become quite simply the largest gravel event in the world. Emporia Kansas is host to thousands of cyclists, support staff, industry and media. We covered the event on site and are pleased to bring you the first of two episodes covering the weekend.

In this episode, we talk to the race director Leland about what this event means for cycling. We speak with an Emporia local on how this event has changed over the years and how cyclists are treated by motorists in Kansas. We hang out in the IRC Pop Up shop and sit down with pro riders Eric Marcotte and Sarah Max. Finally we get to host the live “Tire Therapy” talk with guests Jake Wells and Adam Mills.

We discover what makes this event such a beloved piece of Kansas culture and bring you perspectives from the epicenter of gravel cycling. If you love gravel cycling, this is a must listen. Also stay tuned for part II.