Maddy Ward | Next Generation

September 25, 2018 Brian

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As a two year old, Maddy Ward cheered on her father at SoCal’s San Luis Rey Road race. At the time she had now idea that as an adult she would one day compete in and eventually win that same race. While Maddy has known cycling for most of her life, she did not start competing until college. While in high school, she was an athlete playing both soccer and competing on the track. Two sports where one can excel at cycling. As a student at UCLA, Maddy started competing on the road for the UCLA cycling team where collegiate cycling serves as a catalyst to race against some real talent.

Maddy quickly rose through the ranks and while competing on a composite team at the Redlands, stage race she won the best amateur jersey and received her Cat 1 upgrade after the race. Since then she has had only a few opportunities to compete against not only the best in SoCal but also the country. While doing local races, she is always a threat. Maddy has won at bigger events as well including Sea Otter and Big Bear Gran Fondo.

More recently she placed 8th at the Colorado Classic riding for the composite Amy D Foundation team proving her worth among the country’s best. She is perhaps one of the fastest riders you’ve never heard of and on the cusp of a promising road career. The journey is not however clear cut and Maddy is still very unsure about her future. Now in a state of limbo post grad and pre career, she is looking for a pro contract and a chance to travel and race amongst greater competition with little to no pay but hopes of reaching the top of the sport.

Her life and any career as a non cyclist is going to be delayed if she can make her dream happen. This is a stressful situation to be in but one that few can actually make happen. Maddy is optimistic about her future and still has a long way to go. She rides with no power meter, formalized coaching and rides for the local SDBC team. Her ambitions are big and represents the ambitions of so many young athletes. American Pro Cycling is in a state of flux and If you love rooting for an underdog, the story of Maddy Ward is one for you!

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