Alex Hoehn | U23 National RR Champion

September 10, 2018 Brian 4 comments

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Alex Hoehn came from a life of Ice Hockey before he pinned on a number to race a bike. At twenty years old he has progressed quickly in the sport and is currently racing for the Aevolo Cycling Team. The team is comprised entirely of a U23 squad and Alex fits right in. He is the current U23 Road Race Champion and will be going to Worlds to represent the United States with the planets top U23 racers.

We are joined by Alex and his coach Adam Mills of Source Endurance after Alex had just finished two of America’s biggest and toughest races, the Tour of Utah and the Colorado Cycling Classic. There he raced against some of the biggest pros and teams in the world. He held his own especially on the climbs and was able to secure a top twenty placing.

While Alex is on track to make cycling a full time career, he is taking his time and trying not to rush things. He is a full time student in college balancing studying and training in Colorado. He is under no pressure to make an early jump into a World Tour of Pro Continental team and his happy with the squad at Aevolo run by Director Sportif Michael Creed. The only certainty about that team is no rider stay’s on that team forever. Once Alex “ages out” he will hopefully be on a team that can foster and grow his talents.

A climber and savvy racer in the peloton, he prefers races that pushes people to their limits. The tough as nails racer is looking forward to that style of racing in Europe and other parts of the world. Alex has a bright future ahead of him and we are excited to share his story. In a wold of shrinking pro teams, Alex’s potential is shining bright. You do not want to miss this episode!

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