He Is Ted King

August 14, 2018 Brian 2 comments

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  • Josh Bonnici joins us as we tackle the first of our talks on the legal aspects of cycling. In this segment we talk about who is responsible for potholes in cities that may cause damage to a cyclists bike or equipment. We also discuss what the implications could be if a cyclist gets injured due to that pothole and what measures cyclists can take to protect themselves in the future.
  • We also talk with gravel star Ted King and how he really felt after getting second place in the closest ever Belgian Waffle Ride finish. We discuss his time as a World Tour pro and any part of that life that he misses. Ted talks about life traveling to gravel events, the use of aero bars, strategy and which discipline of cycling creates the best gravel riders. Ted King also has his hand in some sticky syrup and he’s grabbing the microphone and doing his own podcast. Welcome to the club Ted!
  • Pick of the week goes to Amazon Video’s Eat Ride Win docu series featuring Chef/Author Hannah Grant as she travels with the Mitchelton Scott Team during the Tour De France and is tasked with a hungry group of cyclists and staff after each stage and then traveling and repeating the process for 21 stages.

While cycling season is winding down, make sure to stay up to date with all things going on in the cycling world. If you’ve been interest in the legal aspects of cycling as well as wanted to get into the thought process of Ted King, this is the show for you!

2 Comments on “He Is Ted King

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