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July 17, 2018 Brian

Show Notes

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We’ve completed our first Tour De SoCal. Riders posted their best 6 rides in 7 days on our Strava page. It coincided with the Tour De France and we have awarded prizes in four different categories. I challenged myself to do as many group rides as possible in those 7 days and now the legs are paying for it. It’s a testament to how fun and tough the SoCal scene can be. We will have another Tour De SoCal in the fall.

Do you have a cycling legal question? We’ve teamed up with Josh Bonnici of Bonnici law group. He’s an attorney and competitive cyclist who’s seen it all. We’re excited to have him on in the future. Let us know your questions! Reach out at and we may read your questions on the air!

For the show we met up with Jamie Smith. He’s a cyclist, race announcer and author of the book American Pro¬† he followed all the highs and lows of a fledgling pro cycling team from its humble beginnings to the World Championships in Richmond Virginia.

Jamie writes about the tough decisions the directors have to make as well as the sacrifices many of the cyclists make to criss cross the country in a van to race their bike for a small bit of glory and a smaller amount of prize money.

This is just one story of one domestic pro cycling team but there are countless stories like this where teams have to survive on a shoestring budget for a chance to squeeze out of living. We discuss the smaller races in the United States and what it takes to make it to the top of the sport. If you like to root for the underdog this is the show you can’t miss!

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