A Tale of Two Bike Brands

July 3, 2018 Brian 3 comments

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July represents a busy month for cycling. Many eye’s will be on this years Tour De France, racing season in many areas are in full swing and the days are long and weather perfect for being outside. We get together and discuss all things leading up to the Tour De France including talking with people from two of the bike brands that will be competing at this years tour. Ryan Dahl of Wend Wax takes co hosting duties on this episode.

  • To celebrate this years Tour De France. Velo Worthy will be doing a virtual stage race of his own by doing 6 hard days of group rides starting the same day Le Tour starts. A Strava group will be created where you can do your own as well. Prizes will be given to the hard men and women who participate. Check the SCC Facebook Page for more info.
  • Ryan Dahl is taking paraffin based wax on drivetrains to the next level by introducing colored wax to make your chain running smooth and standing out. It’s a fun and bright way of making your bike more customizable and matching any other piece of kit. We discuss our pics for the Tour De France jerseys and see if Froome can take the win despite being under a dark cloud of inhaler mist.
  • We talk with Richard Wittenberg of Factor Bicycles. A bike that will be ridden at this years Tour De France by AG2R. They have a unique business model and will see if Romain Bardet can ride the bike to a French Victory in more than 30 years.
  • Dom Fortin comes down from Montreal Canada and talks about the evolution of Argon bicycles. They have a World Tour team in Astana who will be riding their bikes to stage wins at the Tour. While they don’t have a big budget compared to other brands, they have a unique story with a loyal following as well as some creative engineers.

Between new ways to wax and color your drivetrain, top picks for the Tour De France, the SCC Tour De SoCal and two high end bike brands, July is the month to be a fan of cycling! Tune in and get excited for summer and love of all things bicycle.

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