A Few of Our Favorite Things

March 27, 2018 Brian 1,023 comments

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Power meters, high end bottom brackets and pulleys, bike racks and chain wax are a few of our favorite things. Not only do we get to use them but we get to talk to the people behind these products. We are joined in studio by Ryan Dahl of Wend Wax who doubles as co host for the episode. Ryan is one of the few cyclists who has been racing since childhood, one of the original Swamis Team members, California State CX Champion and all around hard man. He created Wend Wax with the simple idea that drivetrains can last longer and run smoother with wax instead of traditional liquid based lubes. He knows a thing or two about wax since his family started Wax Research which is the home of the world famous Sticky Bumps surf wax. He talks about some of the more interesting ways to apply the wax and why it is the superior choice when it comes to drivetrains.
We then move to power meters. It is a piece of tech not reserved for the pros anymore as they can be found on most serious cyclists bikes. Jim Miller of Pioneer power meters talks about the nexus of how they came to be and all of the interesting thing that Pioneer has done as a brand and a bit about their technology. It’s one of the most recognizable power meters on the market as it can be seen with a well angled television camera.
Ard Kessels is the brainchild behind Kogel Bearings. Kogel makes bottom brackets as well as pulleys. Kogel is touted as Bad Ass Bottom Brackets and he has brought the stream of consciousness of small moving parts on a bike to the forefront. His passion and unique marketing strategy has put Kogel out there as one of the most sought after pieces of tech. Kogel sponsors many top riders including the UHC Professional team and he continues to refine and develop the technology all to have the rider save a few watts and maybe own the next Strava segment.
The technology for bicycle racks has largely remained unchanged for the last few years. Chuck from Seasucker racks has changed the game. His portable, suction mount based racks are taking the world by storm and can be seen from local bike shops to the world tour level. The rack can fit nearly anywhere on a vehicle thanks to it’s large suction cups that you pump for a secure fit. You can trust your expensive rig will not be going anywhere. We caught up with him at last years Tour of California.
New tech in cycling moves at a hundred miles an hour and is constantly evolving. We were able to talk about just a tiny bit. Look forward to more shows where we talk about the people who have come up with some genius ideas to move the sport forward. This is one show that you do not want to miss!

1,023 Comments on “A Few of Our Favorite Things