The War on Water

March 13, 2018 Brian 4 comments

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With so many beverage options out there for cyclists, who has time for water? It’s taking a back seat to a wide range of choices. On the latest episode of the SCC podcast we take a close look at three that seem to have a big cycling following. We start with craft coffee, hydration and lastly beer. We talk about the attraction, appeal and dispel a bit of myth.

When cyclists first get ready to race or head out on the big weekend ride, coffee seems to be the go to beverage of choice. With dozens of choices and as many coffee shops around, it can be an overwhelming task. Ryan and Billy, cyclists who started a craft coffee company with delivery and subscription service in mind. We sample nitro coffee as well as aero press and talk about some of the physiological and psychological advantages to getting that morning cup of joe. This isn’t your fathers Sanka anymore. Coffee and cycling have a long lasting relationship.

Usually after or during a ride, cyclists usually have some kind of sports hydration, recovery drink or juice. The people at Mode nutrition talk about some of the benefits of drinking juice that comes from natural and pure ingredients. Aasha Marler and Tammo Walter talk about how they got their start in a highly competitive market and how their products work. We also talk about the cyclists ability to sometimes have to adapt to their surroundings and what to do on race day when they don’t necessarily have all their nutritional tools at their disposal. Lastly we get into some of their guilty food pleasures just to show that everything is ok in moderation including bacon and donuts.

Lastly, many cyclists like to reminisce about an epic ride with an ice cold beer. Rawley Macias of Rouleur brewery is an engineer, cyclists beer lover and brewer. He’s found a way to build a cycling themed brewery and combine all those passions into one. Rouleur has made it to the one year mark and has succeeded where other breweries have failed through being embraced by the cycling community, have an aggressive marketing model and of course brewing some unique and top notch beers. We sit down on location and talk about where he has been and how his brewery has served as the unofficial gathering for cyclists not only loving beer but meeting up for group rides and fun events. The future is expansion and we’ll see how Rouleur can take things to the next level.

Unfortunately water seems to be less and less prominent as these beverage choices are coming into the spotlight. Water used to be the go to that every nutritionist was screaming we needed 8 glasses of but with so many other options, we’ll have to see what happens. This is a fun and entertaining episode you don’t want to miss! Enjoy it with your favorite beverage!

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