Inside Belgian Waffle Ride

February 20, 2018 Brian

Show Notes

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The Belgian Waffle Ride is one of the biggest one day races in North America and it’s right in our backyard! In an era where races are hurting for membership, the Belgian Waffle Ride sells out quickly. The draw is the entire unique experience. You take over a thousand racers, lots of volunteers, a course with dirt, road and elevation and lots of beer and music at the end and you have it. We sit down with Adam Mills in studio and talk about coaching people for the event as well as the training camps that Source Endurance puts on for the event. People spend a year prepping and planning for this day. There is a lot that a rider will go through and the goal is to prep them for anything that can happen.

With the most recent event filled with action, we went behind the scenes and inside the race and talked to many of the participants and got their perspective of the event. First we talk with race announcer Jim Miller as we get a surprise mid interview and he gives me his race predictions for the day. No BWR event is complete without talking to the father of the event Michael Marcx. This year he didn’t race it so it’s nice to get his perspective from the race organization standpoint.

We talk with defending champ Joshua Berry of the Jelly Belly squad on how he faired this year and what hiccups he ran into. We talk with the eventual winners of the event Jesse Anthony and Larissa Connors and even though they make it look easy, they were just as tired as well but happy. No big bike event is without a few retired pros. We talk with Phil Gaimon and how he took off so fast at the start and was able to hold off the entire field just for a little while. We also talk with last years defending champion Amanda Nauman and why she was ready to quit but didn’t on the last big climb. Lastly we speak with Ted King and how events like these are good for cycling and their growth.

The BWR is no longer a local event. With seasoned professionals coming in and competing and people going to camps to try to improve their personal bests, BWR has something for everyone. We look forward to the event this year and if you are on the fence when it comes to gravel, one day events, you need to listen to this episode and see what all the hype is all about!

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