The Sponsorship Effect

February 6, 2018 Brian No comments exist

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What does it mean to be a sponsored cyclist? We tackle the question on this episode of the Velo Worthy podcast. We sit down with Sonja Johnson of Sram and Jessica Rocheleau who is prepping for the Haute Route as we start dissecting the meaning of being a non professional cyclist who seeks out sponsorships. We first talk to some big industry professionals and ask them the tough question of “What was the last thing you bought cycling related and paid full retail?” The answers may surprise you.

After that we examine the thoughts of the various industry behemoths on looking at the side of amateur sponsorship as opposed to pro sponsorship. The takeaways are: 1. Any amateur who can influence other people and represent brands should be sponsored. 2. Local race results do not matter and do not justify free stuff. 3. Brands are still driving consumers to purchase from local bike shops and local businesses. 4. Social Media presence is real and is important.

We then talk to Ard Kessels of Kogel bearings. He explains how many sponsorships he gets per week and how he decides weather someone or not would be a good representative of his brand. People who are entitled or think they deserve something for nothing are automatically out. People who can influence their friends to try out products they are excited about are in. Plus if you are Beyonce’ that does not hurt either.

Lastly, Ben Jacques Maynes, retired pro talks about while he grew up racing and how things have changed. In essence, everybody wants a discount and when they don’t they feel hurt and when they do they fell special. Everyone wants to feel like they are being taken care of and will remember the moment when they are not. This episode provides some great insight and if you are a sponsored athlete, or are looking to be sponsored, you need to listen to this show!

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