Episode 48-Amanda Nauman- The CX and Gravel Panda

March 21, 2017 Brian 1,027 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Amanda Nauman
Website http://pandaspov.blogspot.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/amanda_panda_/
Twitter https://twitter.com/_amanda_panda_
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/amanda.nauman1, https://www.facebook.com/SDG-Factory-Team-165079096842083/
Strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/665596

Cyclocross and gravel racing are two aspects of the sport that are growing at a very fast rate. In southern California we have plenty of both but minus the tradition and numbers that other parts of the country has. Amanda Nauman is someone who grew up riding and racing in Southern California and has made her way to the front of the pack by placing well at Nationals as well as racing the world cup in cyclocross. Going from a local series to the sports highest level takes some talent and a lot of hard work and focus. Amanda is also pulling double duty racing in large format mass start events such as winning Belgian Waffle Ride, 2X Dirty Kanza Champion and most recently HUNKR.
One of the interesting things about Amanda is her incredible focus and determination. She does all of this while working full time as an Engineer. She explains how she does it all and races and beats the best who’s full time job is to ride their bicycle. It’s been a tough balance for Amanda. She had at one time worked for FELT bicycles in Irvine but then decided to leave her job doing project management there because she felt that the company was becoming more difficult to work for and also racing her bike at the top level.
Amanda Nauman came from a competitive swimming background and didn’t start cycling until she was in College. Her dad served as her inspiration, her family has supported her in the sport since her first race. She also has had to be very strategic in her thinking in the way that she races. Most cyclists in her situation cannot afford to travel to every race, so the one’s that she does, she really tries her best get as many UCI points as possible. Her range in the sport is unprecedented. Used to racing 40-50 minute cross events and then doing events that take 7 or 8 hours is hard but also winning those events is even harder but is something Amanda seems to do on a regular basis. This year she will be defending her BWR and Dirty Kanza titles and we will be rooting for her. This is an episode that you must listen to! Only 4 episodes left!

Recorded 3/13/17

1,027 Comments on “Episode 48-Amanda Nauman- The CX and Gravel Panda