Episode 46-Clifton Duhon- Break Through Nutrition

March 7, 2017 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Clifton Duhon
Instagram: @btnutrition
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BTNutrition/
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How much do people think they know about nutrition? When it comes to cycling it’s maybe the next best thing we talk about after bike parts or races. There are a lot of theories out there and Clifton Duhon of Break Through Nutrition breaks it all down. His philosophy is quite simple and doesn’t really put any major restrictions on people’s eating habits. Clifton usually looks at the relationship between food, performance along with other things like mental health. If you were at a point on the bike when you were at the peak or best or feeling the best, then he likes to look at what you were eating around that time. There is a strong correlation between how your body uses food as fuel and how you perform in the sport.
When it comes to nutrition there are so many theories out there not to mention the pendulum swings to extremes. In the 80’s it was all about cutting out the fat. There is the Keto Diet and the Paleo and Vegan all which have extremely strong followings. People are quick to find these diets more for the social and group aspects of it rather than trying what works for you. Clifton talks about what a typical days eating is involved when it comes to an athlete and it sounds delicious. He’s been working with athletes and especially cyclists for a longs time. Part of why his formula works is because it doesn’t follow trends but rather those rules of eating clean, whole foods that help performance are key.
In addition to Clifton’s nutrition advice and guidance he also offers up different kinds of products that help athletes. One of them is the recovery mix. It’s designed to be consumed post exercise and provides the necessary carbs and protein to replenish the body after exercise. The other one is a hydration mix that you consume during exercise. It has the right amount of sugars and sodium plus flavor to not upset the stomach. The products from break through nutrition and the mixes have a common ancestor in other products like Skratch Labs and Osmo. Those take the natural non, chemical compounds of the mix and make it palatable to the athlete. We selfishly go over some of my own nutrition and performance goals and he tells me what is working and what is not. I’ve wanted to have a nutrition expert on the show for a while and this is one that you don’t want to miss!

Recorded 2/17/17

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