Episode 45-Missy Erickson-From Victim to Victory.

February 28, 2017 Brian 1 comment

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This Weeks Guest: Missy Erickson
Instagram: @missyerickson
Facebook: @missyericksontracksprint
Twitter: @missyerickson

Missy Erickson is a talented track and road cyclist. She is a six time national champion on the track. Missy has found a niche on the velodrome for track sprinting and as she can really throw down the watts in most events including the sprint and scratch races. She is one of the ten American’s to represent the United States at the UCI World Cup Track event in Los Angeles. Her event was the women’s scratch race. Unfortunately she crashed out of the event with less than six laps to go. Her journey has been a long and hard fought one both on and off the bicycle.
As a junior racer she raced on the road by going to local group rides in her hometown. There she was coached by someone who took her under her guidance and trust. Only recently on Social Media, she came out saying that she had been the victim of years of sexual and emotional abuse by someone who was close to her and in her mind holding the keys to her success in cycling. She was groomed for a long time and felt trapped in a situation that she felt that she could not get out of.
Missy decided to leave and attend college at Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado. As a college student she still felt under the thumb of this predator who would constantly call or text and even stalk her. It affected her ability to function and thrive as a person and cyclist. Fortunately collegiate cycling while competitive is very inclusive and she was able to find her niche with collegiate cycling. There she discovered the Track and she had a real talent for the sprint disciplines. Her hard work and talent took to to possibilities such as the Olympic games but a crash where she broke her collarbone also broke her dreams of going to the Rio Olympics.
She has found herself buried with work and cycling. As a bike fitter, she helps athletes reach their potential and possibly prevent future injuries with having proper fit. She also is a part of Safe Sport. An organization that helps athletes who are enduring the abuse get the help that they need. They help parents of athletes also with spotting warning signs and giving people a safe place to turn to when they feel they have no one else. Missy is a strong and resilient person who has endured abuse, manipulation, hardships and backlash. Her story is so remarkable that it needed to be told. At the heels of the UCI World Cup in Los Angeles, Missy tells her story. You do not want to miss this powerful episode!

Recorded 2/3/17

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