Episode 41-Amber Neben- World Time Trial Champion!

January 31, 2017 Brian 3 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Amber Neben


Instagram: @ambernebenpx4
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amber.neben.9/
Twitter: @amberneben

Current World Time Trial Champion Amber Neben joins the podcast. At the world championships in Doha Qatar, Amber raced to become the world champion in the Time Trial even and will don the rainbow jersey as current champion of the event. She has competed in two Olympic games at Beijing and London and has raced at the elite level more many years. She has won national Championships and represented the United States more than 15 times in international competition. In short she is one of the fastest women in the world. Her small stature and frame may fool people into not realize just how big of an engine she has when on the TT machine. Her level of road racing is also impressive. During the road race in Qatar, she went stayed away on a solo effort for hours only to be caught towards the end of the race.
A self described introvert, Amber loves being introspective about racing the bike. While she can embrace and accept the pain she routinely puts her body and mind through, Amber Neben thrives for the stress. In cycling it is seen as a sport that requires being an extrovert whether it be engaging with teammates, sponsors and media. There is somethings to be said for the mindful and quiet work ethic of an introvert. When Amber has something to say, she says it with purpose and conviction.
Amber Neben is also quite spiritual and she makes it clear that she has a strong devotion to God. Although in cycling, religion and the sport do not necessarily go hand in hand, her faith and unwavering belief is something to be respected. Her purpose in life is very clear and in a world often times filled with ambiguity she takes comfort in her religious devotion. It is her compass on and off the bike.
Her preparation for any event requires methodical planning. She explains her preparation for one of the hottest Worlds events on record often wearing winter riding gear on hot days. She also talks about some gender inequalities in the sport as well as some of her opinions when it comes to the selection process for Olympic and World level events. This is a truly inspiring episode that makes people rethink their notion of a bike racer. Amber is truly a pioneer forging her own path in the sport as well as giving back. You don’t want to miss this!

Recorded 1/3/17

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