Episode 40-Allen Lim-Living in Between

January 24, 2017 Brian

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This Weeks Guest: Allen Lim


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Allen Lim is the guest I’m confident in saying I know the best. He is also the busiest person I know. Not in the way people are busy because they are inefficient with their time or someone that wants to appear to be busy but actually the hardest working, most intellectually stimulating person. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with how and why he thinks but the byproduct of all of that is his influence in the sport of cycling. Lim, who started out cycling in Los Angeles and the thriving junior scene in the 80’s used the bicycle as a means of exploration and freedom. His competitiveness has catapulted him to coaching eventually at the highest level of the sport. His use of the power meter mixed with world class athletes has changed the way people coach and are coached. During his time in Europe he faced racial and cultural barriers by using food and hydration the peloton has never seen or tried. It was only through his persistence and effectiveness that the old guard accepted the new. The thing is it works. Skratch labs a product he created is based on using real ingredients to better hydrate athletes. The company based out of Boulder Colorado has grown steadily approaching it’s five year mark. Allen has worked and with the people closest to him to continue to push, innovate and become a household name in hydration and cycling culture. Where the team at Skratch succeeds is their work ethic and the ability to never rest on their laurels. Allen is someone who moves at a relentless pace. With a lifetime of work around him he has continued to challenge what is possible in sport. The thing is, most people want to focus on the success, the magic and the rewards one has as a byproduct of hard work. The reality is behind the curtain it is a world filled with hustle, late nights, answering endless emails, being in multiple time zones and productivity. In the end it’s the 99 percent 1 percent philosophy. While being a caring and generous person Allen shares his simple philosophy with a great community of people who believe in real change and progress in cycling and life. The innovator, founder, author, speaker, P.H.d and minister has given and sacrificed so much his story must be told. He is and will be the podcast guest I know the best and it is a must for every cyclist to get to know him and how he thinks. Do not miss this episode!

Recorded 12/29/16