Episode 37-Jesse Anthony-Time to Rally.

January 3, 2017 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Jesse Anthony
Instagram: @jesseanthony
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Jesse Anthony is currently a professional riding for the Rally cycling team. A rider who prefers all around and tough races, he has done just about every major race in the United States. He grew up on the East Coast in Massachusetts and quickly raced everything from Mountain Bikes to finding success in Cyclocross. From there he found road cycling and has ridden for various teams such as Sierra Nevada, Optum and now Rally. His perspective is a unique one in that he embodies tough racing and is a completely selfless racer. Although he has goals and unfinished business in the sport, he finds it gratifying to lead out a teammate for the win knowing he did everything in his power to get his teammate to the line. He talks about what it’s like to race in Europe and debating the merits of being in Europe at the top of the sport and suffering or racing in the United States and finding himself towards the front of the peloton. Jesse does will be racing in 2017 for Rally and sees himself in a bit of a mentorship role with some of the newer or younger riders. His over ten years as a pro lends himself to find a view that the newer riders can learn from. While he does mentor people, he still sees himself having unfinished business in the peloton. The USA National Championships still eludes him as well as a few other races. While he has come close many times, he believes the best results are ahead of him. While he doesn’t necessarily regard himself as a pure sprinter, climber or time trialist, he can contest with the best of them in each aspect. This is a great podcast with one fast guy as well as a genuine person you can’t help but root for in pro cycling. Give this a listen and learn from one of the best!

Recorded 12/14/16

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