Episode 36-Amber Pierce- Portal for Advancing Athletes.

December 20, 2016 Brian

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This Weeks Guest: Amber Pierce
Instagram: @ambermalika
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Twitter: @ambermalika
Strava: Amber Pierce

Amber Pierce is an unlikely cyclist. A product of competitive swimming, she swam from age 10 to 22. There, she racked up impressive victories but quickly became burned out from the sport. In college at Stanford University, she found collegiate cycling more for the party like atmosphere and friends. The last thing she thought she would do was race a bicycle. She quickly found she had a knack for cycling and was able to compete at the collegiate cycling National Championships with Stanford. Since then, she has been a pro for almost ten years with some of the best teams in the World in some of the biggest races including wins at Tour De Nez, Multiple NRC stage wins and representing the United States at the World Championships in Richmond Virginia. She has also lived in Austria for six years racing in Europe on a European team. She talks about some of the stark differences between American and European racing and some of the keys to success for her. Also she has taken on a mentorship role through founding a program called Network for Advancing Athletes. In it she mentors people that are interested in competition but find the barriers to entry to be to overwhelming. She has talked and mentored people who just want to do their first race to people who are negotiating their first professional contract. In the offseason she serves as a ride leader for Janel Holcomb’s training camp in Borrego Springs. This is an inspiring episode as Amber dares to help reshape the accessibility of the sport connect trailblazers with the next generation of athletes. We also do a gear guide review of some Endurobites as well as announce the final winner of the instagram giveaway. You don’t want to miss this!

Recorded 12/12/16

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