Episode 33-Tyler Pearce- The Vegan Cyclist.

November 29, 2016 Brian 3 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Tyler Pearce
Facebook: The Vegan Cyclist
Instagram: @the_vegan_cyclist
Youtube: The Vegan Cyclist
Strava: The Vegan Cyclist

Tyler is known to most people as The Vegan Cyclist. His videos on youtube have a huge following. He covers everything from bike races, nutrition, equipment, training and everything else! On the podcast we chat about some of the things that got him to where he is today in the sport. As a fan of his videos we talk about what his motivation was in the first place. Also how he has progressed in the sport and some of the ways in which he races his bike. One of the few guests that is not a Southern Californian, he can bring it to every race he enters and finds his way to do well in those races. He talks about debunking the popular myth of work/life balance and of course how and why he is a vegan cyclist. Anyone that hasn’t seen his video’s needs to tune in and you’ll see another side of Tyler in the podcast that he normally doesn’t show in front of the camera. Also in the podcast we have a fantastic instagram contest going on with some great products. Also this week, Tis the season to get your hands on some great gear from Cycliq. The maker of great camera/light combos. Also we do a review of the Cycliq front facing camera the Fly 12. This is an action packed episode filled with lots of great stuff for listeners not to mention some great perspective from Tyler Pearce, The Vegan Cyclist. This is a must listen to episode!

Recorded 11/14/16

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