Episode 29-Phil Gaimon-Found in The City of Angels and Cookies

November 1, 2016 Brian

Show Notes

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This Weeks Guest: Phil Gaimon
Twitter: @philgaimon
Instagram: @philgaimon

Phil Gaimon is a professional cyclist for Cannondale Drapac, author, contributor to ESPN and Velonews and founder of Malibu’s Gran Cookie Dough. He sits down and joins us on the podcast. Originally from Georgia, he found a home in Los Angeles. The riding if you can find the right roads are incredible. He’s done local group rides and even raced a CBR. Phil’s range on racing is huge and he is one of the few American’s who straddles racing really well in the United States as well as battling out in Europe in races like Paris Roubaix. Phil also talks about his role in cycling in terms of following orders and making certain decisions to merely surviving in some races. He is able to articulate better than many what life is like as a true professional cyclist. His views on the domestic scene is a unique take on what it takes to make to to arena’s even bigger. Because Phil loves riding in Los Angeles, he felt that he would share his passion by introducing it to many riders. In the form of a Gran Fondo, he is able to showcase the great roads in Malibu and southern California, have great cookies, food and drinks not to mention some notable pro’s who are also going to be doing the ride. John brings up Phil’s “clean” tattoo on his arm and has uncompromising stance on doping and cheating in the sport. Also of how the subject of sticky bottles can be exactly that. Sticky! He talks about the great things in store for him in the future and what he hopes to get out of the sport as well. We are also doing a review from SoCal’s own GQ-6 Flooid and much more. If you are a fan of Phil, Gran Fondo’s, cookies, books, and professional cycling, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

Recorded 10/30/16

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