Episode 28-Bryan Wierzchucki & Mike McCluney- Making an Impact.

October 25, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guests: Bryan Weirzchucki, Mike McCluney
FB: Impact Racing p/b 1on1 Financial
Instagram: @impactracingca

Bryan and Mike represent the Impact racing p/b 1on 1 Financial cycling team. In many ways they are the guts and the heart of the Southern California Peloton. They are not necessarily the top level riders or the beginners of the sport. They are the bulk of the peloton. They are friends, dads and cyclists. They have found a formula that breeds success in their team. The way they measure success is not through only podiums but also to giving back to the sport and making sure they have an impact. Bryan was inspired by being a student and having volunteer hours a graduation requirement. That has naturally morphed into his philanthropy as an adult. Mike has been friends with Bryan for more than two decades. They both got into the sport just to lose weight but discovered their love of riding hard and racing. The members of the team are on limited schedules, work full time, have wives and children and find a way to make racing part of their lives. The team gives back in many ways. They have contributed to the aid of other cyclists and causes. The trajectory of the team is unlike most. While many teams boast sponsors and podiums, Impact race team looks at the rider as a person of strong moral character. They look at what kind of life they live and values they keep first and then what kind of cyclist they are second. In a world where everyone is keeping track of results, Impact race team is keeping track of strong character, friendship and teamwork. All cycling teams should follow this model. Listen to this episode as Impact racing is truly leading the way!

Recorded 10/8/16

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