Episode 27-Denise Mueller-Fastest Woman on a Bicycle!

October 18, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Denise Mueller


FB: Hoehn Adventures Project Speed powered by Cyclance – Denise Mueller
Instagram: @teamfirecycle

Cyclist Denise Mueller set a new women’s speed record on a bicycle. She rode her bike 147.7 MPH in Utah on the Bonneville Salt Flats in an attempt to try and break the previous mens record. Her coach and mentor John Howard has been her coach since she was a child and helped inspire her to try to attempt to break his previous record from 1985. The amount of preparation and logistics involved is tremendous. In addition to on the bike training, weight room and racing, she has done hypnotherapy and even listened to custom subliminal recordings. A former junior downhill mountain bike racer and two time national crit champion, Denise is no stranger to competitive cycling. She took a break for over twenty years as life sometimes takes over. She has three sons who all support and are proud of her achievements. As someone who is self proclaimed scatterbrained, this type of event suits her style. She has a singular focus which she centers on and builds around. Although Denise did not break John’s previous record, she will make another attempt next year and no doubt reach her goal. She has a dedicated team of people around her that support her and are part of her crew. Shea Holbrook, the driver is a professional driver that has a unique relationship with Denise as she is responsible for pacing and making sure she is safe. There are a lot of logistics involved that have prepared for many months to make this attempt. Her story and drive are truly inspiring and brings a unique kind of champion to the podcast. Check out this SoCal local’s amazing story.

Recorded 10/01/16

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