Episode 26-David Santos- No Brakes and No Coasting!

October 11, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: David Santos
Instagram: @daveonbike
Strava: David Santos

David represents riders who are at the top end of the domestic scene. Not quite pro tour but does all of the races in the circuit, his time with KHS Maxis JL Velo has taught him a thing or two. One of the unique things about his team is that everyone on the team is capable of winning. There is no one “captain” like on other teams where everyone works for that individual. Though not traditional it gives everyone a chance to attain victory. The other aspect of his racing is the rise of the Fixed gear crit scene. A mix of using track bikes with no brake on closed technical street courses. It has brought him to races all over the country and into Europe. He has demonstrated an aptitude in a type of race that is run similar to a moto gp. Riders qualify and are ceded according to their qualifying time. It takes a different mentality to succeed in those types of races and also requires some adjustment to his training. One of the few San Diego natives, he is part of the highly successful Aventon cycling team. One of the ways to improve yourself is to try new aspects of the sport and fixed gear races are a growing part of it. It teaches you discipline in ways that traditional cycling may not. Anyone interested in branching out in the sport should not miss this episode!

Recorded 9/17/16

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