Episode 25-Robert Efthimos- Leading the Charge with LaGrange

October 4, 2016 Brian 4 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Robert Efthimos
Instagram: #veloclublagrange
FaceBook: VeloClub La Grange
Strava: Robert Efthimos

Robert took a few of his LaGrange teammates down from Los Angeles and did the Swamis ride. Afterwords, we sat down and in a strange discovery, learned that he was teammates with my brother at UC Santa Cruz. Originally from Morgan Hill and a NorCal rider at heart, he made his way down to Los Angeles for work. He shortly became president of one of the most well known clubs in cycling Velo Club La Grange. Established in 1969 it boasts hundreds of members that cover every aspect of cycling. We speak of some of the challenges it takes to lead a team make sure things run smoothly. We also talk about the end of Brentwood GP which was a Southern California premiere event. An extremely difficult decision to make but one that eventually had to be made. We also talk about some of the draw and dangers of Dana Point. A race where one of the La Grange riders was involved in a crash and unfortunately had to have his thumb amputated. We discuss some of the challenges of keeping races safe and what clubs like LaGrange is doing to encourage more people to get out and ride their bikes while keeping competitive cycling very much a part of its core. Shout out to Roberts wife Debbie, who granted him access to make a day out of heading down to ride and be a part of the podcast. You can find their kits on just about every Los Angeles group ride and most races around California. Budding cycling club leaders and members of cycling teams should check out this episode!

Recorded 9/3/16

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