Episode 20-Priscilla Savord- So You Want an Industry Job?

August 30, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Priscilla Savord
Cycling Sports Group
Instagram: @notspc
Strava: Priscilla Savord

This week we continue our series of guests from outside of San Diego! How does someone go from cycling as a passion to cycling as a career after you’ve hung up the cleats? Priscilla Savord aka PC has had to answer that question and has found bliss in the cycling industry. She started out going on group rides, then racing, then crashing and racing some more. She’s made friends and family through the sport and now it is her job. She reps some of the biggest brands like Cannondale, Sugoi, Continental and Fabric. Now everyone wants to be her friend. She explains how and why she is able to stay within the industry and pursue her passion while turning it into a success. We went for a ride and even though she’s retired, she is strong and smooth as anyone. We also have an instagram contest giveaway with some great brands from Rapha, Skratch JoJe, Velotoze, Carefast and Carbon Pro Sports. During gear guide I review the lineup of the Florida based brand and go over their cleaning, lube and degreaser goods. This is an episode for all you would be cycling industry pros!

Recorded 8/12/16

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