Episode 15- John Abate- East Coast Skills into SoCal Racing Stalwart

July 26, 2016 Brian

Show Notes

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This Weeks Guest: John Abate
Instagram: @johnjabate
FaceBook: John Abate
Twitter: @johnabate
Strava: John Abate

This weeks guest is the Surf City Cyclery fast man John Abate. We are joined with co hosting duties with Jess Cerra. Today we discuss the winner of our first instagram contest! If you didn’t win keep listening as we’ll have another contest soon. We also review our first cycling movie called Baja Dark Skies Bikepacking Gravel bike Adventure You can find it youtube or go to http://www.appetite4adventure.cc . John Abate began as a bike messenger where he honed some of his crit riding skills and made his way through the ranks to be a top level masters Cat 1 racer. He is a team player and can do just about anything on the bike. He is a great all arounder and excels in crits and punchy road races. He talks about balancing work and training and how he is able to do it on less than 15 hours a week. He also talks about one of his ventures which is the JoJe Bar company both he and Jess started. Previously known as Harmony bar, JoJe has some new packaging, image and flavors which will be on every group ride out there. Listen in on one of the most dynamic guys in the peloton!

Recorded 6/23/16

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