Episode 14-Live From Carlsbad Grand Prix!

July 19, 2016 Brian

Show Notes

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This Week: Live from Carlsbad Grand Prix!

Velo Worthy Podcast goes on location to cover all the racing and festivities for the Carlsbad Grand Prix. We start off talking to Megan Jastrab who is the future of women’s cycling. At the age of fourteen she is already a national champion and in this race she cleaned up every prime in the women’s 3/4 race and won the race as well. She also raced the pro women’s race and got second by a nose! Her goal is to go the Olympics in 2020 and go pro at cycling. You heard her here first! Next we talk with Ryan Dahl of Monster Media racing and winner of the masters 35+ race. A mountain biker and California state cyclocross champ, he beat every crit specialist (myself included) to find the winning move for this race. Next up is Seth Davidson. Racer of 45+ race, Big Orange racer, Bike Lawyer and financier in the form of many cash primes through many races of southern California. He talks about the need for growth in racing and competitive cycling. Seth explains the paradox of people who track every metric on power and Strava and then claim to not be competitive. Seth is the advocate for all cyclists competitive and non competitive alike. John Abate is commentating on the action in the mens Pro 1/2 from the course. No one else at the race has a better perspective than him. He talks about the action, the primes, breaks and of course the win. Josh Alverson, of the Surf City Cyclery Team, the eventual winner catches his breath to talk to us about winning the race and how the breakaway of three survived a hard charging group of some of the best criterium riders in the country. Co hosting duties continue when John Abate provides his insight into the days events thus far. Legend and 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Hegg, sits down to put in his thoughts on the racing action and even compares todays fast men with some of the folks he bumped elbows with when he was racing for the LA Sheriff squad. We also speak with Jess Cerra of who is still rehabilitating from her injuries. She provides insight into the women’s race and speaks about what she’s been up to since we last spoke. Lastly we talk with eventual race winner Denise Mueller and how she out kicked her competition to win and retire from bike racing. She will also be attempting to set the land speed record on the bike previously set by her mentor John Howard. This podcast is a must listen if you love cycling!