Episode 13-Amanda Knutson- Have You Thanked a Race Organizer Lately?

July 12, 2016 Brian 1 comment

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This Weeks Guest: Amanda Knutson
Instagram: @raceacrossamerica
Instagram: @amandaknootles
FaceBook: Amanda Knutson
Strava: Amanda Knutson

You would think that someone that helps direct America’s longest bike race Race Across America or RAAM, they would be a weathered, salty stuffy race director. Amanda Knutson is anything but. She is pleasant, personable and guest on episode 13 of the podcast. She talks about some of the logistics it takes to run that kind of event. She also talks about how she got her start in the sport in a crazy event called RAGBRAI. She was a spectator since she was a child and then got on the bike and hasn’t stopped riding. She calls Boulder Colorado her home yet seems to be globetrotting quite a bit. Her mind works as basically one big problem solver. She helps coordinate logistics, covers scheduling, social media, local volunteers, support and everything else it takes to help run a race of this magnitude. Amanda is also a great bike racer in her own right excelling in gravel and endurance rides. Recently she finished 8th at BWR and hopes to improve on that next year. At 26 she is has a big future in the sport and is helping bring more attention to RAAM and anything else she puts her mind to. Please listen to this fun and interesting episode! We also have segments on the show which cover listener feedback, “Bridging up” and “Gear Guide” where we are reviewing a cool product from Pedal Industries. Tune in to this action packed show!

Recorded 6/17/16

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