Episode 8- Ryan Cady- If you want to be a millionaire in cycling, just start with two million.

June 7, 2016 Brian 2 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Ryan Cady
Instagram: @elielcycling
FaceBook: Eliel Cycling
Twitter: @elielstudios

Cycling industry entrepreneur Ryan Cady joins us for episode 8 of the podcast and takes a break from his increasingly busy schedule. A midwest transplant in his youth, he hit the books at UCSD where he really got into cycling, raced for the school and his cycling took off from there. While in college he worked and managed a shop while trying to balance his cycling life. While he was at the tipping point between cycling and a “real” job he worked at Sock Guy and eventually took over the company and was with it for ten years. After sock guy, it gave him options. Options to travel, be with family and fit in riding. He has always been enamored with style and clothing and it was then that he came up with Eliel Cycling clothing. A company based out of Southern California and now a staple in the cycling community. It’s a project he was successful with taking his business acumen from other areas in the industry and channeling it into this brand which is synonymous with quality and style. Check out this episode and you may help shape the cycling industry too!

Recorded 5/17/16

2 Comments on “Episode 8- Ryan Cady- If you want to be a millionaire in cycling, just start with two million.

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