Episode 7- Katie Araujo- How to do it your way but you need to contribute.

May 30, 2016 Brian 2 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Katie Araujo
Instagram- @katiearaujo
FaceBook- Katie Araujo
Twitter- @KatieAraujo

Katie joins the podcast and sits down to talk about her experience in the Belgian Waffle Ride and on how finishing can be its own reward. Katie talks about not only cycling but soccer, running, triathlons and mountain biking. She’s quickly upgraded through the ranks on the road and dirt and talks about some of the unique challenges to women’s racing. San Marcos Circuit Race was her first event which coming from training for and doing triathlons can be quite an introduction! Katie talks about being a part of the cycling industry. Her work with Castelli gives her the outlet for her passion and she is the consummate professional. She explains how she feels she can help grow the sport of women’s cycling by giving back. Her passion for cycling and the outdoors shines through in this engaging conversation that you will not want to miss.

Recorded 5/03/16

2 Comments on “Episode 7- Katie Araujo- How to do it your way but you need to contribute.

  1. Katie Araujo- What a truly phenominal individual. Just from learning only bits and pieces of her story, one can tell she is rare, to say the least. Lives and learns, doesn’t let the world get her down, strong as hell (mentally and physically), honest, and has an amazing heart.
    (I’ve seen her race, and damn she is fast!!)
    This woman is a true inspiration to all.
    Totally need to have her back on your show!
    Brains, Brawn, and Beauty.

    And I agree, her Instagram is probably the best social media I’ve ever seen! Love it!

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