Episode 5- Tim Jackson- Want to be great at racing in SoCal? Learn to love crits.

May 16, 2016 Brian 3 comments

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Tim Jackson sits down and joins us for the next episode because he is a cycling and industry sage. He has been involved in cycling longer than most people have been alive. Even though he is not originally from Southern California, he has called it home long enough to see the scene evolve over many years. In addition to his cycling industry exploits, he is quite the talented rider with a lot of years under his belt on the road and track and just about every other surface except maybe ice. He has some great thoughts about what separates southern California from other parts of the world in terms of its cycling and why traditional crit racing is being overshadowed by rides like the Belgian Waffle Ride. He talks about what it’s like to be hit by cars while riding and breaking bones as well as how he has recovered and how the industry is giving back to him. Also if being in the cycling industry and being a dad to two kids wasn’t hard enough, he decides to drop more than fifty pounds. The good news is we get to find out how all of this happened.

Recorded 4/29/16

3 Comments on “Episode 5- Tim Jackson- Want to be great at racing in SoCal? Learn to love crits.

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