Episode 4- Logan Bass- The tipping point between amateur and professional.

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This Weeks Guest: Logan Bass
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Logan joins us to talk about his winning ways with the SDBC crew. While on a winning streak, Logan has progressed very quickly through the ranks and is now on the cusp of racing with the top domestic cyclists. We sit down and talk about his experience as an east coast runner to surgery and then his discovery of the bike. The climber and time trial specialist talks about what it’s like to win criterium and beating the best guys at their own game. On the even of Tour of the Gila, he might get the raise of a few eyebrows from some of the bigger teams. The team of SDBC is the crew he has devoted himself to and he talks about rising through the ranks with the help of a team and some of the things they do together. He splits his time between work and cycling and is coming into the fortunate position of perhaps making a decision about making cycling his work if he continues to progress. Get to know Logan and you’ll walk away a fan of this intelligent and successful cyclist.

Recorded 4/28/16

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