Episode 2- Adam Schepps- Win in a break rather than in the group. Easy right?

April 27, 2016 Brian 8 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Adam Schepps


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While still very new to the sport, Adam Schepps kicks butt on the bike and if he doesn’t he can also kick butt off the bike. Most cyclists have an athletic background. Adam’s was boxing. He transitioned to triathlon and then cycling where he seems to have found a pretty good formula. Winner of San Dimas Stage Race, L.A. Circuit Race and Temecula Grand Prix, among others he usually just rides away from the peloton, stays away and then puts his hands up in the air. Pretty cool plan that seems to work for him and frustrates everyone else. We talk about his sister who also races and her boyfriend Daniel Holloway who dominates the pro crit scene. They have been his advisors and he takes it to heart. In addition to dominating on weekends, he also teaches spin (not in the pump you up with a boom mic attached to his face and house music way) and has several athletes he coaches. He’s found a home with the Breakaway Training tri guys and puts the hammer down on a regular basis. He’s got massive potential and a huge future in the sport. He’s got a great head on his shoulders with a great mentality. I walked away from this one as a fan and friend.

Recorded 4/25/16

8 Comments on “Episode 2- Adam Schepps- Win in a break rather than in the group. Easy right?

  1. Subscribed! Can’t wait to hear more! Y’all just inspired so many people 🙂 keep it up! ☀️☀️ Go Scheppppssss!

  2. Very cool. Yeah, it was kinda weird that he came up to me at the race. Just like Adam said, I was like who’s this guy?. LoL But hey, great way to meet! Go 1-2 in a awesome 2 men breakaway.

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